Meadow Physics - Midi clock stop and restart?

  • if I stop and restart (not pause) my incoming midi clock (say I messed up a recoding and need to start again, or any other number of reasons). On midi restart, the clock is restarted, but the rows begin counting down from their current location. So they are now out of sync with the rest of the midi systems restart.

    Is there any way to restart a complex MP layout?
    For example, to send a "goto last pressed" command to all rows, on midi clock restart?

  • are u using the max version? i'm trying to do the same thing- reset to first step when clock is stopped. i think the js file needs to be modified to do this, but not completely sure...

  • @elquinto I'm actually using an all hardware setup, where a drum machine controls the master clock via MIDI.

    In my setup:
    For WW, reset to first step would work (pretty easy to do by hand though)

    For MP, reset to first step doesn't work because of the different start times on each row. In fact, my suggestion of a "goto last pressed" command on all rows also wouldn't work. I can't think of anyway to 'reset' the sequence, unless the start times of each row are saved somehow relative to.... each other? to... the longest row? to... something?

    If you have 2 rows that are counting down 8 steps in length, but have different start times. (alternating kick/snare for example) how could you reset those and keep the timing the way it was?

    Not sure its possible.

  • definitely a logical challenge. i believe the preset saving stores a 'timestamp' of the current positions to ensure correct phasing. if you could find a way to save the preset at precisely the '1' in your polyrhythm then you could restart by recalling the preset?

    obviously this is not really a technical solution and i don't know if this could be done by midi. it's kind of outside the general concept of what MP was conceived to accomplish. if you have a pattern you really like you could just record a midi clip??

  • yes-- i feel like recalling the preset should recall and reset the counters. just stop your clock (with a cable/etc) recall the preset, then start again.