Pages - Splitting monome 128 with special divisions of columns (not 8+8). Possible or Not ?

  • Hello there,
    Just a question. I've installed Pages with my Monome to pilot my clips in Ableton Live (clip launching).
    In Ableton, I've got 2 columns for CC Send, and 14 others columns where i got some normal clips.
    I would like to split my Page interface in order to have :
    - on one hand : 2 columns where i can trigger the CC SEND (special clips)
    - on the other hand : 14 colums of my monome where i can trigger the Clips.
    So, in this configuration, my 128 is not divided by the middle (8 columns + 8 columns).

    I don't know if it's possible or not ? If yes how can i achieve that ?


  • sorry, not possible at this time with the built in quadrants / pages, although you could build something like this with the groovy pages scripting.

  • Hello Phortran,
    Thanks for your help and your message.
    Unfortunately, got not a big knowledge on Max MSP…

    But i've found an alternative way : Got my novation launchpad only for the ableton clips, and my monome for the videos triggered via Midi note with the help of… : Monome_base !
    Finger in the nose (French expression)… :-)

    Maybe there's another solution : using Monome Sum, but i don't know how to add other app in the interface.