Locked Groove Ambient Record - Gauging interest

  • Good Morning button bros (and the occasional, greatly appreciated, sis),

    How’s life?

    Inspired by all of your musics, the success of Buddha Machines, my own experience with meditative prayer, and THE UNIVERSE I have had an idea I’d like to float with a community like yourselves that I love and respect – initially just to check if there’d be any interest.

    Here’s the idea:
    A locked groove record of ambient music for meditation, prayer, relaxation or just enjoyment.

    A locked groove is when the groove on a record is a circle rather than a spiral. It therefore plays the same loop endlessly.

    At 33 rpm the loop on a record is 1.8181(recurring) seconds long, or one bar at 133 and 1/3 bpm.

    I have many ideas that would hopefully make this release great (if we can pull it off) but central to being able to produce this would be co-operation with artists.

    Is this something that would interest people?

    Is this something that is already being done elsewhere but I’ve been unable to find?

    I’d appreciate any thoughts you have. At the moment this is just an idea that I don't know if I have the time or money to implement.

  • YES! i would absolutely love to have this!!! i have a small collection of locked groove records and they are my favorite. please let us know here if/when you make this??

  • Jay, needless to say I love your work. Do you feel you'd want to feature as an artist on the currently hypothetical record?

  • I am absolutely interested. Would love yo be involved in whichever way.

  • @kineticmonkey - woah!!! what???? YES!!!!

  • love the idea. Would like to see/hear it.

  • I love this idea too!!

  • It's a cool idea. I was involved in a locked groove record. 101 grooves on a single sided 12. Took ages to complete.

  • @oootini In my mind I have something a lot more digestible, maybe just 8 or 10 grooves a side, maybe etched in between the grooves, maybe 8 or 10 artists contributing 1 loop per side. An object to facilitate relaxation, meditation and prayer rather than a music release or DJ tool. I'd really love to hear your experience of the process for the release you were involved in. At the moment there are a lot of ideas flying around my head but I need to find a way of this not ending up as an attic full of records no one wants and a large chunk of credit card debt.

    @Rajface, your shortest ever post?! Who are you and what have you done with the REAL Resident Poser?!

  • love the idea !

  • i didn't have much to do except submit 1.33 seconds of noise. it came out about 3 years later. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Alphacut-Ten/release/2438366

    the alphacut guy is also a vinyl cutting engineer, it was obviously a pet project for him.

  • Thanks, @oootini, very interesting.

    Yes, finding a vinyl cutting engineer that wants to do a great job will be half the battle but I've already had a great experience ordering dubplates from The Carvery so if it goes ahead I'll be calling them and asking their advice.

  • goes without saying that i'd love to jump on board if you'll have me :)

  • sounds like a cool idea

  • @kineticmonkey i've used the carvery a few times and they are amazing!

  • I'd love to make a locked groove for this.

  • if you need another 'song' i'd love to be part of this, too.

  • love the idea.
    i would love to be involved.

  • Thanks everyone - really nice to see what people think.

    Got some things I still need to work out - gonna try and chat to someone I know over the next couple of weeks that has done quite a few vinyl releases.


  • Awesome idea. Add me to the interested list!

  • a good way to make this happen would be to curate the project and allow people to pay to have a track on the record and then put all the money together and make it happen.

  • I've been a part of a few co-op comps way back in the nineties, each artist/band puts up a certain part of funds and gets their track on the comp and in the end they get a few dozen copies for themselves to sell and make their money back plus some. Hopefully.

  • and to be clear, i would definitely participate in a co op comp project if you want to make it happen.

  • re: cutting

    try talking to kero

    he hand cut tehns latest [ http://detroitunderground.net/blog/2014/08/tehn-eighteenth-weathervane ] and i just recalled that he helped make another one i love by gb

    excellent craftmanship and great sound quality on both

  • lovely!

    Also, knowing Marc off of Disquiet enjoys himself a bit of monome forumage, is this a happy coincidence, or has what comes around gone around? http://disquiet.com/2014/12/04/disquiet0153-groovelock/

  • possibly a coincidence. that djunto is more about the repeat song feature in SC i think.

  • Yes. Nice to see interest in this though.