earthsea on Aleph

  • I understand we don't have enough CV output, but I always wanted to control modular with grid like a keyboard and I believe it is possible to achieve with what we have now. Will it be available any time soon? Also, I'm little confused what kind of trig Aleph outputs, it seems not always working for me, can someone explain what is going on there? I'm controlling Ms20 with it and seems like it outputting trig per cycle.

  • MS-20 is S-trig, It will trigger on a short not a high signal like Aleph sends (and is used in Euro-land).
    Also V/Hz for scaling not 1v/oct like most of Euro...although there is a trick to use the Total Input for 1v/oct.

  • Yeah I'm using 1v/oct input, it's kind of complicated because of tune issues (you have to dial it manually). I'm converting trig using onboard ESP, it should work I supposed (it worked for Dark Time).

  • ESP will work, it's just not very fast.

  • Another strange thing I noticed that if you plug aleph Cv out to MS20 trig in it works quite well. I guess I should try it with something else. I thought it was broken for a while but later figure that I were using wrong outputs.

  • Ow sorry I meant CV IN.

  • as a note the aleph could likely do v/hz natively with a lookup table or a bunch of LIST16s tied together..

  • Wow, wouldn't expect this one. Thanks galapagoose. Do you know maybe it's possible to swap between gate and trig signal?

  • @KtulTriokus, yes you can do all kinds of logic and conversion on aleph in BEES, or in custom code. BEES is turing-complete.

  • using cv outs for trig: make sure cv slew times are set to 0 on DSP.

    a trigger cv out mode would probably be helpful. good project for someone to add this to the aleph/modules/mix template. as is, you can use a metro/accum/gate in BEES to produce a 1-tick-duration pulse.