256 and euroracks

  • i love my WW, i might consider the other modules, but i'd love to use my entire 256.
    Any plans ?

  • i'd also love to see it. using the 256 as an extended, double length WW control would be super cool for longer sequences.

  • +1 me too !

  • It would be cool also to be able to run WW on one half and another module on the other half...

  • (i keep getting this unfounded feeling they will discontinue the 256 altogether :O)

  • (I always thought that were I to upgrade from my gs64, then two 128s would be more useable that one 256 anyway. The new kits also look boss. DO WANT)

  • I almost bought second 128 to use with two euro modules simultaneously...

  • how about a eurorack module that has one usb to go the 256, but then two usb outs to route the top and bottom halves of the 256 to different modules. so you could dynamically switch/usb patch modules with either the top or bottom half independently (or have a third output that utilizes all 256 together say for a longer cv range if you want more functionality in the module). a grid split module. if such a module existed, none of the existing modules would have to change to be usable with a 256. and I wouldn't think that making such a module would be that difficult technologically, since I'd think it would only involve maintaining state data for the 256 and adjusting grid indexes for one of the sets of 128 data coming in / going out? I'll be the first to admit I'm not speaking with any expertise so I'm just guessing.

    you can call it "/" or "/2"

    edit: or, you could add the functionality of stacking modules on a 128, so if you hook up a 128 instead of a 256, you can run 2 modules simultaneously from the same 128. not sure how practically useful this would be since you can switch back and forth so easily - i don't know, feeding 2 white whales could be interesting. guess there would be some conflict as to what to display - not sure how that would work, maybe a knob that controls the relative brightness of the two displays superimposed on each other? could get some craziness with other combos but might be silly craziness. might be cool. at least this feature would make this module usable by everyone, and keeps the usb patching on the rack (with the 128/256 never being unplugged so no on/off/on/off, not that that's a big thing). hell, you could even build the breakout adapter into the module if you felt like it, since once installed, the grid could always route through it, even if to be connected to a single module.

  • Is there any hope ?
    Otherwise, i'll start looking for a full varibright 128, i have an aleph to trade....

  • You could just build two 128 kits and mount them in the same case. That is probably your best chance at having access to that functionality.

  • Vurma, i already own a four-stage varibright 256, one modified non-varibright 128 and a 64 kit for the first batch...
    i'd love to take benefit of my 256. And i'd also love to have a full varibright 128....

    BTW, any way to make my 256 full varibright ?

  • @Vurma interesting idea: two 128s in a single 256 case...

  • no way to upgrade a 4stage varibright.

    we're focussed on the 128 for eurorack modules. i am buried with new projects and cannot rationalize a necessary redesign of the module code to make useful sense with 16x16.

    if you're into eurorack, i'd highly suggest going towards the 128. we have an announcement coming in a few days that will make this more attractive.

    256 owners, i'd suggest continuing to interface with computers. there are tons of great applications that take advantage of the huge grid.

    i apologize for the frustrating news. if it's any consolation-- these things are open source. if a small group of people get a feature set together, surely someone could be found to implement it.

  • Thanks for your answer, Tehn. Unfortunately, it's really no consolation to me. I already bought a 64 kit, a 128, a 256, an Aleph and a WW and i don't want to buy a new 128 kit just to take advantage of the WW.
    Time for decisions i guess.

  • More eurorack modules due to drop?