live show on dec 14th in nyc

  • hey guys, i know it's been a really long time, but i'm about to perform again!

    i kinda took a break from making music to run a festival for a few years and many other projects. i was fortunate enough to be able to escape the city for a week into the woods to write some new music for the resurgence of my solo project. and now i guess it's going to happen in one way or another live on december 14th at leftfield's in NYC. i'll be opening for a very good friend of mine, fishing the sky, who is amazing and you should check out.

    i'm very excited and very nervous so you should come out and drink beers or whiskey with me before and then totally a lot after i play. i wish i had something concrete to show, but all the music right now is in very rough demo shape. an ep is coming in spring though! yea!

  • also, we need another performer so if you want to jump on the bill, hit me up!