New 128 grid kit shows almost all the time as monomer i2c

  • Hi,

    I just received a new 128 grid kit.
    My monome shows up as monomer i2c almost all the time.
    It worked once as a monome 128 and I could test that all the led and buttons were working correctly. So I guess that i soldered everything correctly.
    When I plug it don't have the led animation, I have something else.

    Does someone has a fix for this problem because I can't use the monome ?

    I'm on os X 10.10.1




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  • hey philippe,

    have you installed the ftdi driver or are you using the 10.10.1 apple ftdi driver (pre-installed?)

    i've seen the i2c come up on these new grids but i fixed the firmware so this wouldn't happen. i'll continue investigating.

  • hi tehn,

    thanks for your help,
    so I guess i'm using the apple ftdi driver ? I've only installed the momomedevice installer.
    is there anything else to install ? and where can I get the files ?


  • ftdi here

    I see i2c from each time to time but it does not stop the Monomes (new kit 128 and production 256) from working