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  • includes s/h
    usa buyers only

  • as promised

    accepting trades if you have nord drums, g1, micro modular or other items which i'm looking for

    640 x 631 - 81K
    640 x 608 - 107K
    640 x 630 - 107K
    640 x 600 - 79K
  • Sounds great, but could you please post a few color photos of each side? High resolution is better. I'm curious about the coloring and woodgrain. Also a shot from the side showing that it's not warped (all four feet rest on a flat surface.) These are polite requests, not demands. No rush. :) Also which run is it from? (I ask to know if it's got the old pads or the new ones.) I have cash in hand/paypal.

  • spring/summer 2014 run

    unfortunately all i have is a phone camera but here are attempted color shots
    not very great lighting cause its overcast where i live


    582 x 640 - 157K
    640 x 604 - 122K
    640 x 480 - 92K
  • Looks great! I'll take it. How to proceed?

  • check your pm