meadowphysics missing LEDs?

  • Just as I was installing the third monome module in my case, I noticed that 3 LEDs are missing from my meadowphysics!?
    I have no idea how I did not notice this sooner?
    I see that earthsea has them all glued in, which makes me think that there might have been an issue with these in previous runs, but that is just my speculation.
    Any advice??

  • Hmmm.... what if I don't want to send it anywhere!?!... I love the thing to bits!

  • we didn't realize these pipes would fall out until we'd shipped them all out, of course. the earthsea is glued. the WW had smaller holes that absolutely wrecked our fingers while installing, but stayed put.

    e-mail info if you've lost them and i'll send new ones. i'd suggest hot gluing them in-- just a dab on the side after they're press fit.

  • I will check the box and see if they are there...

  • Through hole LEDS and a spacer always seemed like a sensible option to me. These light pipes are wll very high tech and fancy but a pain.

    An audiophile amplifier I had a long time ago had an LED at the back of the PCB but needed the light taken to the front and to pass through 2inches of aluminium. They were adamant they wanted it as tiny dot like as possible so we used fibre optic cables to pass the light from back to front which was a nice and cheap solution and easy solution. They even sell mounts that clip over LEDS.

    It's a solution stolen from optoisoltors where one board needs to be galvanically separated from another, but it's great for easy placement of dasblinkenlichts.

  • we're actually getting better at designing a manufacturing process that facilitates us using our time effectively (ie, not using spacers with a through-hole led) and these lightpipes are actually a good solution. it's just that we failed on that batch.

    things that seem no problem when you're DIY'ing one single unit can be a massive haunting nightmare when you have to do hundreds of units.

  • The pipes are not in the shipping box...
    I will need to take the case apart and see if they fell out there.
    Is it possible that the module just had them missing?
    Seems weird that I would not notice this when first installing it.

  • they typically will fall out when handled from the sides during installation. they could be inside your case, or perhaps in the shipping box. just e-mail if you've lost them. i'm happy to send a few.