Pages/Yosemite - Which Java Development Kit?

  • when i try to open pages they say i need to install a java development kit..
    BUT WHICH ONE?? there's so many stuff to choose..
    here is where i get...

    oh, i'm on a mbp 64bit // yosemite

  • hey man, i haven't been brave enough to upgrade to yosemite yet so i'm not 100% sure, but you should just need a "java runtime environment" and not a full development kit. i would suggest following this tutorial and trying the apple version first:

    please report back if you get this working!

  • thanks for the response!
    will check it out tomorrow!
    happy friday, sir!

  • JRE SE 6.0 is fine for most users, I am not sure pages actually needs the JDK on target machines. If you go to terminal and type Java -version a desktop dialog box will pop up open safari and take you to an apple webpage that lets you download the recommended version. Hit more info not ok, ok just closes the dialog.

    FWIW Arduino require JRE SE 6.0 and not the latest version. Versioning is getting a bit tricky in Oracle's hands...

  • well, guys. i think i'll just wait. lol, i don't have the courage to do it.
    maybe someday somebody will stumble over the solution^^
    i'll keep my eyes open!

    but thank you anyway :)

  • any news anyone? :)