dumb max question - notein

  • I'm trying to get the teletype-midi patch to send midi to another window within max. I have a patch setup with an Aalto vst.

    Aalto will respond to my qunexus via "notein" What am I missing to route teletype to Aalto?

    Sorry for the newb question.

    Earlier this week I was proud that I successfully mapped illucia DTR knobs and switches to Aalto parameters. So making progress with max7 slowly.

  • max's midi objects are really designed for communicating with other applications (not internally).

    2 options:
    firstly, if you've got a max license and have a couple basic patching skills, replace teletype's [noteout] (or [midiout]?) with a [send fromtt] object, and replace your aalto patch's [notein] with a [receive fromtt]. this bypasses midi altogether and communicates natively within max.

    second option is to create a 'virtual midi bus'. on mac you do this with the "Audio MIDI Setup" application.

    open it and go >window>Show MIDI Window.
    double click 'IAC Driver' (for Inter-App Communication)
    click the "Device is online" checkbox
    check 'Port 1' has 1 MIDI in and 1 MIDI out
    name the device up top if you don't want IAC Driver as the name
    click apply.

    now in max you should be able to select it as the MIDI destination in teletype, and the MIDI input in your aalto patch.

  • I used the 'virtual midi bus' and got things talking. Thank you!