arduinome Eurorack Modules

  • So i was puzzling over the mod github trying to figure why my arduinome doesn't work with the white whale and saw this line:

    eProtocol40h, /// 40h and arduinome protocol (pre-2007)


    does that mean that if i roll back my arduinome to one of the earlier versions of the arduinome protocols it might work? or does (pre-2007) refer to the 40h...

  • ezra lifted that code from libmonome no doubt.

    as a general rule we don't test arduinome in any way. i've never owned one, and nobody has ever bothered to send me one.

    there's no reason why, for example, if the ftdi had a m40h??? serial number and used the 40h protocol, that it wouldn't work.

  • Cool. Actually I think mine has a funky serial number. A40h-808. Hmm.

  • try a lowercase a?

  • yeah i'll have a go renaming it later - thanks. does the number of characters after the dash make a difference do you think? a40h-xxx versus a40h-xxxx?

  • character string needs to be 8 total, so use 000

  • ok cool. thanks.

  • No dice. I'm gonna leave this now I think.

  • The function below does seem to parse the serial looking for an arduinome.

    if( strncmp(buf, "a40h", 4) == 0) {
    // this is probably an arduinome
    mdesc.protocol = eProtocol40h;
    mdesc.device = eDeviceGrid;
    mdesc.cols = 8;
    mdesc.rows = 8;
    // tilt?
    ret = 1;