Upgrading Live + Max

  • Hey guys, hoping not completely offtopic and a lot of folks here would know. Trying to use the season discount at Ableton but slightly confused at the upgrade path - what I have is Live 8 standard and a separate license for Max for Live (which is shown in my account as version 5.1.9). I want to upgrade to Live 9 standard - what about M4L, does it just follow whatever version of Live I have the license for, so once I upgrade to 9 I should see a new version of M4L? Or will I have to upgrade it separately?

    Trying to decide whether I should just upgrade to 9 Suite if the latter is the case - don't really need any of the additional instruments / sample packs, is there a benefit to upgrading to Suite if I already have a separate license for M4L?


  • Don't quote me on this, but I don't think there has been any big change in M4L between Live 8 and 9. I think the Max license upgrades separately, so if you're current with M4L in 8, you'll stay current in 9.

    I don't see why they would get rid of your M4L license if you just upgraded to 9 Standard. Maybe e-mail Ableton? They tend to respond pretty fast.

  • I just went through this exact same thing. i was told by ableton that i could upgrade to 9 standard but would have pay extra for M4L to continue using it (it would have come in a little cheaper than upgrading to suite). Even though i don't care too much about all the extra stuff in suite, i just upgraded to suite to keep it simple.

    BTW the changes in M4L are really in Max. Currently afaik 8 is max 5 and 9 is max 6. Max 7 is out (and has new M4L Stuff), but you have to pay extra for that (to cycling74 i believe) even with 9 suite

  • Cool, thanks guys!

    @slee - I did plan to just get Max at some point, so sounds like crossgrading M4L to Max and then upgrading to standard 9 is the cheapest option. But from what you're saying it sounds like once I upgrade to 9 I won't be able to run M4L anymore unless I upgrade it too, and I would need to be able to run M4L in order to get the Max crossgrade (at least that's the impression I'm getting from reading about the Max crossgrade routine). So I'd have to crossgrade M4L to Max, then upgrade Ableton to 9, I guess?

  • @slee Yikes, thanks for that. I had no idea they made it so complicated. I just upgraded right to 9 Suite so I didn't have to worry about all of this.

  • yea, as i understand it to use M4L devices you have to buy it through ableton, it the auth is tied to Live/Ableton's servers.

    What the full max version does is allow you to use the max 7 as your M4L editor for both its new features and new M4L stuff that cycling74 developed. otherwise you will have to wait until ableton does a major live upgrade to get the new max 7 stuff

    well i guess being able to work on my patches without having to open live would be cool too

  • don't M4L devices work with runtime? I've had max since before m4l so not sure. if you're not editing or creating patches you can get still get plenty out of M4L with runtime (sorry if I'm missing something there, it's been a while since I went through all that, surprised it's so complicated - thought M4L was getting more inclusive with later versions). think I remember seeing M4L is part of max v.7, big agreement with getting that, especially as sweet as 7 looks, if you're going to be doing serious patching or making your own devices. or doing ANYTHING ELSE AWESOME...

    also am I right in mentioning it depends whether you're running Live / Max in 32 or 64-bit mode? don't remember which versions run either or if newer versions are 64 bit only (would be surprised if they didn't have 32 bit support). I just know there have been times when I've had to quit Live and go change which mode Max is running in before my devices would work.

  • Didn't have the budget to get Max or upgrade to Ableton Suite 9 and wanted to take advantage of the holiday pricing, so I went ahead and upgraded to 9 Standard and looks like my version of M4L was updated as well! When I go to my account it now shows M4L as 6.1.9.