surround sound game with Monome

  • hello friends,

    hope you enjoy the wintertime / holidays!

    for my final bachelor assignment i investigated immersion in open world survival games, and ended up making a 9.1 surround sound game with the monome. right now it's just a very stripped off idea to exemplify how surround sound can be used in the genre. all you do atm is collect tools and resources to make a fire - to animals and cold off.

    atm it's the 256, and it's only being used as display. i want to try it on the new 128 so the player only will be able to see objects in front of him. also to utilize the vari brightness for different objects and animations. it should also be used as input, so that you'll have to press shapes to craft different objects.

    the practical problem with this is obviously the 9 speaker setup. i'd love to try and make this binaural instead, but have to find some software or sound interface that can do this translation without costing a fortune. any tips would be most appreciated.

    if anyone have ideas, i'm all ears.

    merry christmas!!

  • Love the idea of using this in a different way, especially once you incorporate some inputs on the monome.