white whale pattern map?

  • I finally got to play with the cv map page in white whale. Untill now I didn't feel the need or had the time to go beyond just having a quad trigger and dual parameter(curve mode)sequencer from my monome without a computer, which is already totally awesome.

    So I very much like the editing possibilities in the map page.. But soon I asked myself where playability is, for me it feels a bit like menu diving, sadly not very intuitive. On the other hand you have those options and I can't think of a better implementation of that functionality myself. Probably I just need to practice more to find the workflow.

    But one thing that bothers me, while not improving the above mentioned, but would add a ton of playability:

    How awesome would the possibility be to globally transpose the whole pattern? also in oct, 5th, semi, fine..
    (I specially love the octave shift from numerology on the launchpad, but see the other intervals would be terrrific as well. Does this even make sense?)

    I assume from other threads that the official feature list of white whale is complete. So this could be a community effort. I just let this here if anyone already has something in the works or anything, and hope to find the time to look into a mod in the new year..

  • you can transpose the entire pattern quite easily by holding (i think alt) while using the transpose keys.

    i'm actually quite open to updates-- it's just that they will not an urgency.

    i also find myself using the map mode in a very pre-compositional way more than playable instrument way-- i've been considering how a "playable" note sequencer could be accomplished on this form factor, which nobody has really accomplished at this point. so any ideas are welcome.

  • This is a good idea. Transposition pattern feature in earthaea works great and is super playable, I can see how it would be amazing to be able to shift the sequences in white whale as well.

    The Map mode in WW is the one aspect of it I have not spent enough time with. Part of it is that it is much less obvious/intuitive how things are set up, and I do wish there was a better documentation of the layout and functionality for that. When I tried last time it really felt like I has no idea what was going on... I think tehn said there was going to be a tutorial for MAP, so I sort of decided to wait for a bit more information/guidance before digging in again. But I don't think that happened.

    Thinking about this again makes me wish for ability to sync earthsea to white whale. I love the instrument aspect of earthsea, but when playing patterns in ARP, it really screams for some kind of synchronisation... at least most of the time it does for me.

  • ah-- map tutorial, yes. my list has had huge turnover and that one got lost. will get it done.

  • Map is different than the scale page?

  • oh, it's already there! thanks!

    @c1t1zen: it's called map mode in the docs. it maps individual steps to any note(s) in a scale.
    scale page would be where you choose the scale itself I guess (holding alt and pressing the bottom-left key)
    That's another potential confusing one, I'm not quite sure yet where which scale is..

  • ^^* exactly! :-)

  • Also, adding to MAP related considerations:

    a useful user interface feature would be to have the currently selected/used scale highlighted.

  • I went back and watched the demo video. That's cool I haven't used that feature yet.

  • (sigh) two months late, cripes.

    honestly i've designed a full rework of that mode that i'm considering for a 2.0 firmware.

  • Interested to hear more when you're ready, tehn.

  • So, a new firmware for white whale is coming?

    ... may I suggest/inquire about a possibility of assigning trigger or gate outputs on a track basis (rather than ALL gates or ALL triggers)?
    A small tweak, but would make a big difference in use.

  • ALSO

    am not sure if this is the right thread to post it, but since there was a mention of firmware update...

    I have encountered a repeating issue:

    SERIES mode gets disfunctionally messed up if/when mutes are applied to select trigger channels.

    For example: if I create a few patterns, then make a SERIES of them everything plays fine. But, if I go back to one of the patterns, and for example mute channel 2 and 3, when I go back to SERIES mode, it is broken:
    -it does not play a series, but rather a single pattern,
    -the visual display in SERIES window gets confused: sometimes the bounding box simply disappears, the highlight of currently played pattern does not work, etc.

    Cycling power to the case/module clears things up, but only if I disable the mutes, and save the series in that form before the power cycle.

    I amcurious if others can repeat this.
    It certainly happens consistently with my setup.

  • i made an issue for this: https://github.com/tehn/mod/issues/10

    i'll look into it, and any other observations you see would be helpful.

  • So, I am assuming that you were able to reproduce this, @tehn ?