overtone & monome

  • anyone put me in the right direction; I'd appreciate it.

    i'm searching for documentation on how syncing up a monone and overtone work. so far, i have completed installing overtone, starting a repl, and connecting scsynth, so i'm searching how I would assign a line of code to a specific button on the monome. please be patient; I'm learning how to think.

    also, shed some light on this: since we build computers, and tell them what to do, why don't they work as quickly as our minds do?


  • i can answer only the second question: we didnt build our minds...

    it is, therefore, unreasonable to expect us to "rebuild" or replicate something so advanced

  • Also only speaking to the 2nd question:

    I'm assuming you were mostly annoyed at the complexity of getting a few pieces of technology to play nicely together, but it is a pretty fascinating question. I recently read the book 'how to create a mind' and it dealt with a lot of the hurdles (past and ongoing) in ray kurzweil's path (As well as many others) to developing technologies which mimic human thought so as to better compliment it.


    Not in anyway related to music making or getting your monome to work w/ overtone, but a fascinating read.

  • On the first question, you need an OSC listener set up to trigger a function. I am not familiar with Overtone (except inasmuch as I'm into Supercollider and am curious about it), but if you know how to call a function in Overtone, then you just need to figure out how to trigger that in response to an OSC message coming from the monome via serialosc.

    This might get you started: https://github.com/overtone/overtone/wiki/TouchOSC

    Though of course the messages coming from serialosc will be different than those from TouchOSC, the concept is the same.

    hope that helps.


  • thanks for reaching out.