128 price change?

  • http://www.ctrl-mod.com/Monome-One-Twenty-Eight-Grid-p/monome-one-twenty-eight.htm

    The website doesn't say new grids are in stock or coming, but it does list them for $700 instead of $800.
    On one thread I think I remember Tehn saying that they were working on updates, no new features, but updates to the manufacturing.
    With Trent done with first edition of Mangrove modules, and the next Mannequins module set to come in February, (super excited to see/hear the "Three Sisters" module (I think they hinted that it would be wavefolder!)) January might be the month of the $700 128.

    p.s. Also of note is that they are still listed as $800 on the "device" page of this esteemed website.

  • that link already says the are 800? maybe a typo on control's end?