White Whale Presets

  • Can someone help me clarify the steps to make presets re-callable?
    I'm having differences in my two White Whales one saves alright and the other forgets on power down. I must be hitting the buttons in the wrong combo or something.

    Also I want to voice my opinion that there should be a way to backup our presets. It's made me think about a bunch of cool scenarios and reasons for it.

    One is safety, backup before a show or recording session. Another is sharing, I would like to have the exact same presets on both of my Whales. I find myself all the time setting up a long "series mode" in the White Whale and create a full song with my patching from it. Then I usually un-patch everything at the end of each session...The next day I re-patch something completely different but never plug in the grid. I just reuse the same looping series mode for a whole new idea. It's really quite wonderful used that way, and I would love to see what other users are doing and sharing these presets over the net. We could make a series of remixes with the same White Whale Series setup but on multiple users systems that could be pretty interesting.

  • Great remix series concept

  • Hm, since the WW is a a USB host I wonder if it would be possible to add functionality such that you could plug a USB key in to it and then hold down the button to save the current patches to the key, and then push the button just once to load.

  • If downloading and sharing presets isn't going to happen the remix idea could still work if we traded White Whales among the community. I load up mine with presets, record it to audio and write down the patch details. You do the same on your White Whale, then we swap via mail or in person. If we followed each others patch ideas but use our own gear it could make for some interesting transitions in a single track or a long mix-project.