128 kit problem

  • Hi,

    I've just finished assembling my kit. The monome is recognized by monome_test but every time I click on "/led/all" lights turn on randomly (look at the pictures). Any advice?

    640 x 480 - 101K
    640 x 480 - 104K
  • do any of them just not turn on ever? you'll need to reheat the solder.

    what computer are you using? are you using a hub?

    does the pattern change each time you toggle the "all" on? does it work correctly when you just push the keys to toggle LEDs individually on/off?

  • I'm using a macbook pro, no hub.
    Solder reheated, now all led turn on/off correctly clicking on "/led/all".
    The problems now are:
    - pressing a button turn on other buttons in the same column (this is happening with a couple of buttons).
    - nothing happen pressing some buttons, but they turn on clicking on the grid in monome_test

    What could be wrong? Thank you for your patience.

  • you have too much solder on your LEDs-- it's connecting to the keypad pattern. remove some of the solder on pads where this is happening.

  • Yes, too much solder.
    Now it's working fine!
    Many thanks