what have i missed?!

  • what's up!? who's there? go away! no come back dont leave me...

    my 256 is sitting in its pelican case crying. what's been happening around here? no more arc? strange box with knobs, led and buttons replaced it. why does it say i only visited here 11 times. lies. i love you all

  • well, some of us are eurocrack addicts now. got some change?

  • i do, but im not spending it on euroracks. no interest in hearing bleepidy bloops of random frequencies. im studying music theory. im all about harmonies. partials. fundamentals. knowing all my scales and modes backwards. knowing what the 5th key from any key, or what's the 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 of any key. get my drift :)

  • @talos lets make a transformational theory think group.

  • @Yorke what do you mean?

  • @talos I totally get your point, I like my frequencies quantized too.
    harmony is actually the reason I got into modulars. doing crazy polyphonic things.

  • @RajaTheResidentPoser (what a name change..AGAIN! lol)

    i totally get the whole modular bit, i think. but to go through allllll of that trouble to get out a harmony. yikes. i love straight up prebuilt analog synths like a moog. unfortunately moog loves to play the mono/duophonic route, and rarely a polyphonic route. by the way, i was DUMBFOUNDED by a synth i found last night. the Arp Quadra. listen to that son of a bitch on youtube. i had to wear a diaper listening to it. and its from '78?!?! no midi im sure, so cv...and i have no idea how cv works. im guessing you just need a converter. i digress...

    thanks for the welcome back ;)

    @l00p i haven't touched modular really, it just looks like a heated mess lol i love it though. just seems a pain to get polyphonic sounds...a pain in the wallet!

  • oh snap, the inevitable return of the great white ghost!

    i think if you look at modular strictly as a melodic/harmonic thing, you are limiting it way tooooooo much. i use it more for processing other sounds than i do to generate sounds. a rhodes sounds killer when running into a wavefolder.

    welcome back kiddddddd. loves!

  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm gilroy in the house!...dude i actually thought about you yesterday. i remembered how we bumped into each other one random day in the city for like a minute lol

    hmm i haven't really witnessed a prime example of modular doing anything but making bleepity bloops lol ive been practicing piano like a madman (or so) for a couple years now. so now that i look back at electronic stuff, it's like damn, if only i knew then what i know now...

    so what exactly do you mean by running a rhodes sound into a wavefolder? are you playing a rhodes through a modular system and the outcome has this added timbre?

  • edit: oh fudge, i didnt think the links would end up being the videos in here...

    lol both. i practice reading. it ends up mostly being memorized pretty well. i also try to get technical and work am working on voice leading.

    a few of my favorite pieces I can bust out pretty well are:

  • @Active I agree to some degree. But my ears mostly like harmonic music more than sonic potential. Also, I didn't mean to say absolutely everything is in tune :)
    What I was trying to say, I'm less into richard devine, more into luke abbott.
    But really, in the universe of modulars, A LOT is possible.

  • @talos =) it's always good to see you! and i also have been grinding a lot harder on the piano, it pays off!

    i only recently started playing live with a modular (it actually made it's debut doing some live synths for a musical theater performance…weird….), which was basically used as a simple subtractive bass synth and to create some textures. mostly, it lives in my studio where i use it to process drums, guitars, vocals, etc. send a signal in and making some interesting and interactive movement happening. i find it useful from anything from metal/punk to folk/acoustic. for my own solo music i now use it to generate melodic passages, non harmonic sounds, and fucking with other sounds. a wave folder creates a type of distortion that is pretty gnarly. i love the way it responds to hard transients!

    @l00p i agree with you. i got into modular through java jazzist and tortoise, much more arranged and orchestrated. i like some of devine's sounds, but i sure can't sit for a while and listen to 2 records in a row without my head becoming mush.

    @rajatheresidentposer - i can't see the video? i am curious about this plumbutter thingie though!

  • @rajatheresidentposer

    dude, thats like the second or third time you remembered. honestly man, i really appreciate that! thank you :) ive been trying my best to diversify. before taking lessons, i never cared for classical. wouldn't even look at it. but now that i'm studying it, I find myself in awe as I watch professional players perform some of the pieces I'm working on. It motivates me to try and get to that level. I figured learning the piano along with theory would be a great way to learn how to compose. Initially I wanted to just learn to write dance music, but now I've stumbled upon a world that's expands the simple I, IV, V. I recently got myself a silent upright piano, so I've been having more time to play at night ;)