• https://soundcloud.com/tippermusic/tipper-cosm-ambient-set

    any clue what this dude is using for tools and how he comes up with sound design, mixing and conception?

  • it says that it features tracks spanning over 15 years, so probably a lot of different things.

  • true. thought since it was recently posted by alex grey as tipper attending a party at cosm was actually more recently established tunes. thanks for reaching out.

  • tipper is amazing at scratching records, and some of his stuff uses it in really creative ways.

    he also had some presets for propellerhead's thor when it first came out - he likes to use formant filters for the talking bass sound.

    i also remember a friend of mine who played some festivals with him told me that he uses logic (that was more recently than the reason presets, but still a while ago)

  • yea, I think I would of enjoyed seeing/hearing him at cosm in new york.

    i see tipper's playing at the rocks in may.

    be well.