monome grid key response/sensitivity 2010 vs current

  • i've been loving my re-kindled monome fun since the modules have dropped.

    i have a 2010 (non-variable brightness) grid 128 and its working well, but i'm curious if the newer grids have a faster key response / are more sensitive. when i'm jamming with the earthsea, for example, sometimes if i don't hit a grid button smack in the middle, it won't trigger. it doesn't seem to be due to specific faulty grid buttons; it seems to be the same behavior throughout the grid.

    was there an upgrade in the build quality of the grid button/keys over the years or do they feel basically the same?

  • the newest editions are a very substantial improvement in sensitivity. we've been refining the manufacturing process with each iteration, and i believe we got to a very good point somewhere around 2013.

  • thats exactly the kind of confidence i needed to hear for me to shell out the dough for a new grid kit. thanks!