fs us WTPA2

  • where's the party at 2 bendable sampler built by todd (the maker). new direct from him. 350 shipped within the continental united states.

  • shit, meant to put this in trade section. sorry :(

  • price dropped. would like to sell :)

  • Are you the first owner of the Arc? Are you certain of it being form the latest batch? Whats its condition?

  • i believe i am the third owner. cannot be sure, but it has been extremely well cared for by all and looks gorgeous and functions 100% as intended. it is in wonderful condition in all ways. it is certainly from the last batch, non-push button, high resolution. perfectly matches the last batch of wooden grids.

  • i was hoping to ship domestic but will consider international. non-domestic shipping will be paid by buyer. i will cover domestic shipping only.

  • updated for items sold

  • hey,
    i´m interested in the illucia... is it still available?

  • yup, totally still available! message me and let's work it out. can ship wednesday. domestic shipping covered. international shipping paid by buyer. comes with usb cable and a full host of pomona bananas (rainbow to match jacks closely). it is the rainbow jack version. has roland style knobs installed but will include rogans that came on it. i think it has white buttons.

  • and jnns, i messaged you about it yesterday i think. i use paypal. it can be yours!

  • just bumping

  • all items sold except wtpa2. he sold all the prebuilt ones. this was the last one. yellow acrylic enclosure. pwer adapter not included (didn't come with one (uses +tip (i think)))

  • Wow, quick sell on the WTPA2, just came out and I still need to finish putting mine together! Got one of the last green cases. GLWS.

  • yeah i scrambled to buy one when i saw there was only one assembled unit left. i jumped on it whimsically. it just wasn't my kind of thing. that feeling was/is partially amplified by new work and music attention/endeavors. i am just not into that kind of sampling right now.