new app brainstorm

  • Lately I've been super in to the app "monolase" made by Rodrigo Constanzo and have been thinking about ways to extend it, both sonically and physically (rodrigo only has a 64 grid .) The application is based on Peter Blasser's instrument the cocolase, which can be read about here

    The app consists of two 8 bit delay lines/buffers and 8 oscillators that can be patched in to modulate the buffers with a button press on the grid. Each buffer is not limited to one modulation source and the oscillators are not limited to being sub-audio rate. The edges of the oscillator's waveform can be set to reverse the direction of playback, jump to another section in the buffer, or modulate the speed. The result is a surprisingly expressive little noisemaker. A few times I have made melodies by connecting various audio rate modulators in and out by hand, effectively "playing" the patching.

    So now I want to do more. I was thinking that the dynamic patching of the oscillators could be cool with other destinations.
    The first idea I have is inspired by Evaton Technology's RF Nomad, a eurorack shortwave radio module. The RF Nomad sounds super compelling under CV control so I figured it might be cool to try and do that sort of thing in max for my grid. I was thinking a big multi channel sample buffer filled with static/spookynumbers and a crossfade rig powered by some swanky math could get me in the same sort of realm. At this point Im not sure how I would do the heterodyne squeelies as I swing across the crossfade bits but some research might remedy that.
    The second idea is to have the edges of the oscillators trigger some clicky drum hits and maybe some logic functions so they can be more irregular.

    I want to integrate these ideas and more into one app and I want you guys to think of some ideas for stuff to add.
    Do check out the app if you haven't you can grab it here:
    but before read a bit of the discussion here:
    Thank you Rodrigo for making the app its really great!