Car Boot Sale

  • There was a thread a while back of people selling quite random / old / out of fashion / cheapish gear. I can't find it, so started a new one.

    In an effort to declutter and own less things that I never use, I started this thread - feel free to add your own trash to the thread, it might be someone else's treasure!

    I have:
    An AKAI MPC500 - I have 2 of these because I love them so much - I really don't need 2 of these, so one can go - Boxed and everything!
    A proper British wired Ashdown MAG400 Bass Head, before they shipped out production to China. Lovely thing. Never use it.
    A Midifighter from their first run, Red LEDs, hand numbered on the back (91/100 I think?)
    A Tascam Porta02 cassette 4 track.

    I've got no real reason to sell any of this, it's just that I don't really use any of it and it's taking up space. So if someone else can use this stuff, make me a cash offer. Or if you've got other interesting gear that I would use we can swapsies. I like electro harmonix, mxr, eurorack/CVgear, monomes (obvs!) and quirky sound toys. I'm in the UK, just FYI so it'd be a bit pointless to send a cheap pedal across the atlantic.

    Anyhow, let's swap junk!

    /edit - deleting sold gear/

  • Amazingly, all 5 guitar pedals have gone already!

  • Line6 PODs gone.