Quantize option for TML 035?

  • (I originally sent this as a message to Tehn on Vimeo. He asked me to post to everyone)

    As a relatively new monome user, I have become very attached to using the tml 035 app since I discovered support for the 256 and the arc4. At the moment it's the most useful app i've come to play with so far.

    I wanted to ask if there's any possibility of adding a quantize option for recording in sync between the channels. It's so powerful as it is, it seems that using this brilliant platform as a looper with sync possibility would be the only missing piece.
    Of course I say this with no programming ability, and not a clue on what would be involved in making this happen. So really it's just a thought with little to contribute.
    Does anyone have any thoughts, work arounds or advice on this?
    In the event that there's some way to do this in ableton, I have no idea at the moment how to integrate monome standalone apps into live.I've attempted to use pages in ableton, and got lost quickly, however at the moment I'm just happy to play with the app and record soundscapes. If you know of any solid "idiot-proof' walkthroughts for Ableton integration, I'm open to advice.
    If there were any way to somehow quantize the channels, I would love to know.
    Thanks for reading, your time, and your contributions. and I look forward to whatever beautiful music you all create in the future.

  • Hi Bill,

    I had a bash at something similar to this; my programming skills are pretty poor; but if I've time in the next couple of days I'll try and make it presentable and post it here.