White Whale - Calibration?

  • Hi there.

    I have a small problem, that my White Whale is sending out 0,025V on the CV's instead of 0V.
    When using scales, 1V is 1,025V, and so on. The difference is quite audible when I use it together with my midi CV interface, which are spot on with the voltages.

    So I was wondering if it is possible to set an offset on the White Whale?



  • Not sure about calibrating it software wise, but you should be able to calibrate physically with a passive attenuator.

  • Are you using an ext5v to power your grid? otherwise your power system may be struggling to give a good reference.

  • I am using the ext5v, but is the 5v from the psu reference to the CV voltage?

  • i doubt it.

  • bump to this one...

  • if you're using it to control VCOs couldn't you just decrease the fine tune knob a little? it could also be a function of your power supplies grounding- i've found my Pittsburgh supply to be more affected by this issue than a grounded supply like the 4ms or intellijel.

    what's your use case that makes changing the tuning knob a little not work?

  • Hi Galapagoose.

    My tuningknob on the VCO's works fine, its just a mess going forth and back when I use the white whale together with my MIDI to CV interface and Doepfer quantizisers.

    I have a small modular case with me, when I am playing live and it is annoying to fill the limited space with a quantiziser or having a pot/attenuater floating around.

    So it is all about convenience, and ability to focus on the party when doing gigs.

    The case has a doepfer PSU, and Doepfer 5V converter.