Various eurorack and a case for sale / trade (UK / EU)

  • Hi everyone,

    I've decided to downscale my initial foray into eurorack. Happy to ship anywhere but probably only makes sense in the EU.

    Pictures here:

    Prices - happy to discuss and negotiate postage:

    Lovely Skiff (with dent as visible in photos) and TipTop PSU with extra rails £300.
    Maths £206
    MMG £160
    CVPal £70(it has a small defect in that the LED is set behind the faceplate rather than on the faceplate because I can't read ahead in instructions when soldering)
    Echophon £295
    Pittsburgh InOut £40
    Arc 2, non-push-button £350

    I don't have enough points to post on muffwiggler; I don't know if any one who does would consider posting a link here for me?

    I'd consider trade for a nice synth - an OP-1 or something bigger with keys.

  • Phonogene added

  • Would you wanna trade the case for a 40h?

  • Hmm. No thank you but I appreciate the offer. PM me if there's anything else you might have to trade or if you'd consider cash. It's a lovely case.

  • Any thought's on trade following my PM?


  • Updated, some things removed, arc2 added.

  • I propose you 180gbp for your math. Let me know in vase your interrest.