New Release: Burning Winter

  • Whatsup internets? Hope all is well.

    Wanted to share this, which is absolutely littered with Monome apps, mostly Parc and a little bit of Xor.

    I made it for Keef Baker's January Album Challenge. The rules were simple: No preparation, presets, recordings, samples, or saved patches allowed. the entire of the work must be completed from scratch in January. The sound sources used was Ableton's Operator, Analog, Reaktor and u-he's ACE, everything is synthesized from scratch. I'm quite proud of how this came out.

    Hope ya dig!

  • great!
    Have to listen to it again but from the first impressions -> i like it.

  • great release!

  • nice one. just listened to thaw and i can definitely here parc in there :)

  • Thanks guys, this kicked me in the ass motivationally. Got some new stuff coming out as well.