white whale whine - how to lift the ground?

  • hi,
    i have a white whale with a monomer attached which got its power with this 5v adapter..
    i know this problem is known: i got a high whine sound in the audio path, when the monome is connected to the white whale..

    i think the only way is to lift the ground on the power for the monome.
    problem is, i don´t know how to do this.. i´m from germany, and we don´t have those three prongs, where you just can cut of one prong..
    and those ground lifting tools: they are not available here. i think they are forbidden..

    how do i do this? any german that could help me there?


  • It's not a ground issue. See the other threads on this with a quick search.

  • i actually think this is a ground loop issue as @evs is already using the ext5v adaptor. the whale shouldn't be drawing any extra current with the grid attached and thus the noise must be coming down the usb cable.

    if you have another 5v DC power adaptor lying around that doesn't have a 3rd prong for ground that would likely work (rated at least 1A). otherwise you could try and find an IEC cable with only 2 pins which again might not be available with european attachments.

    i've previously tried to find a floating ground adaptor but they don't seem to exist.

    which eurorack case & power supply are you using?

  • Sorry, listen to galapagoose he knows what he's talking about.

  • i use one uzeus flying bus boards and a doepfer diy kit1.
    both having just 2 prongs.. and in both cases the same whine..
    and of course, the doepfer case has a 5v adapter from mutable installed in that row..

  • use the ext5v

  • that sounds strange for there to be an issue with floating supplies. make sure all 3 plugs are attached to the same power strip as a start.

    if you want to do some experimenting perhaps try turning on only the case with white whale and see if the problem still occurs (make sure the other case is unplugged from the wall) - i'm thinking there might be an issue caused by the two supplies each having a different 'ground' and the whale injecting noise 'in-between'.

    regardless, getting a 2 prong 5v DC adaptor for the ext5v will almost certainly solve the problem. that's what we're shipping with the new SWITCH module in response to the highly unregulated euro power environment. best thing is these are usually less than $10 if you shop around a little.

  • which grid are you using?