MLRV 2.5 - is there aux for the 64 for this? no aux connect box for mlr_2.6.aux2?

  • i am trying to use my 256 as my main and my 64 GS as my aux controller.

    i don't remember if i've done it before with mlrV 2.4 or i was using mlr 2.6.1aux.

    And did the connect button get moved to another place?

    i am running on:
    OSX Yosemite 10.10.2
    Macbook Pro 13" mid 2012 model.
    maxmsp 7
    using serialOSC

  • open mlrv in max5 rt. it was written for that.
    in max7 ALL serialosc.maxpat - connect-to-dropdowns seemed to be 'invisible' until you manually edit the patch. huge offset or whatever. dont know, dont use max7.

    then right next to the 'mapping'-tab you should be able to select other tabs from a dropdown-menu. if you dont see it restart mlrv (from time to time these dropdowns disappear for me until re-starting mlrv/max).
    choose '+auxgrid' and connect using this tab for your aux-grid.

    glad to help,

  • If you're using Max 7,try redownloading the patch in question as most have been updated for the offset issue mentioned above. If this patch isn't loading the serialosc window let me know and ill fix it asap.

    but trpping is right if you want to use mlrv- max5 is still the best environment for that patch!

  • Thanks! I will try after school

  • i had to use the old serialOSC from may 2014 for the drop down to work with mlr 2.6.1

  • are you using 2.6.2AUX from the bottom of the mlr wiki page:

    if not, where can i find the version of mlr in question? i already updated the above, so perhaps try that with the new serialosc - i believe there's no preset-breaking changes in that version.

  • @galapagoose

    no, i had the 2.6.1aux version on my windows IBM laptop. so i just copied it. i can send this version to you if you'd like. i attached zipped folder to this comment.

    which version of OSC are you mentioning: serialOSC 1.2a or the monome device installer?


  • here you go! this is using the new serialosc.maxpat with the 0,0 offset. if you don't have that around, you can grab the download from here, and put it in the usual place:

    easiest method is to just drop the whole folder into your max folder (and make sure you remove the old version).

  • @galapagoose

    do i replace the serialosc.maxpat in max 7 or maxmsp 5?


    holy molé. i figured it out

    thank you so much for fixing this!!!