noise coming from new 128 grid

  • Hi,

    I noticed that my new 128 grid emits a 1.23 kHz frequency with all octaves beyond. I tried different config, (with power plug on macbook and without, with other usb or firewire stuff and without...). It becomes audible since there are more or less 10 lights on, and the more light there are, the more the noise is audible. It seems strange to me because I just made exactly the same tests with my 2011 64 walnut and it is absolutely silent. Is it due to the new grid's structure or leds, or is it a problem with my device ?


  • this is due to the high current draw and new LEDs and drivers. typically most applications don't have enough LEDs displaying to cause a problem. you can turn down the brightness if the noise is a problem.

  • Will this be an issue with the WW euro module? Sounds unbelievably wacky if it is .... :/

    I play music late at night with the volume down very low.

  • i'm curious if the sound is emitting from the grid itself, or is coming out of your computer's speakers?

    the current draw (and circuit) is near identical to the previous 2 editions (and kits) so it seems unlikely to be any different from existing behaviours.

  • It's coming from the grid itself.

  • This is making me lust after the new design a little less...

  • sorry you can ignore my comment above- i just spoke to brian and he confirmed this has beenthe case for the last 3 editions (since ~2013?).

    such is the low volume that i hadn't ever noticed this until now- something like 'quieter than a brooklyn apartment'.

  • Strange! What's the mechanical/electrical reason for this? Or do all our electronics sing out in pain when we shove 9 volts across them.

  • it's all about ground, it disappears using one of these:
    but I don't really know the consequences about using this cable instead one with ground... :/

  • @pauk I guess you mean on your modular?
    indeed some explanation would be helpful from somebody who knows electronics..
    not sure I would want to risk to damage the modular in case of some incident :/
    it seems though to OP wasn't talking about anything modular.. (?)

  • OP was talking specifically about LED refresh noise, which is negligible when running normal applications. if you ALL-ON the entire grid (not a normal use case) there is a subtle buzz around 1.2k.

    even though this isn't an issue in real use, we're looking for a solution.

    modular ground-loop noise is a separate issue. none of these situations have damage-potential.

  • @tehn. I like to work pretty quiet (paper thin walls) and was thinking of upgrading to the new 128 from my gs64, I've always wanted to use mlr on 128. When you say looking for a solution do you mean hardware or firmware? I.e. is this something that may be resolved if I buy a grid now? ALL-ON is not normal case I agree, but the OP said audible after 10 on, thats very normal on a 128. New grids look beautiful by the way. Cheers. HN

  • P.s. Just out of interest does this new grid have exactly the same size buttons as the gs64?

  • same size.

    i'm not sure what the solution will entail at this point.

    if you purchase one direct from us and are bothered by the noise, you can send it back.

  • if it is a bother, is there a hardware mod that can be done to tune down the overall brightness a notch? ie a resistor change...

  • yes, this is possible. two resistors get changed to alter overall brightness. very easy.

    but honestly this thread is full of speculation, and it feels that it is fueling undue concern. i'm sinking this thread.

  • I remember there being a software solution to turning down brightness, so you shouldn't have to do anything with the hardware. Ah found it;
    Check tehns patch in there, it's from 2010 so I'm not sure if it works with newer grids?
    I do trust this community though and if both tehn and galapagoose say it's negligible then that's good enough for me (unless their ears are shot from years of gigging and wild parties). Now just have to find the extra $140 they'll charge me at customs.

  • Sorry to fuel undue concern

  • yes, brightness can be reduced in software quite easily. that function will be integrated into a new serialosc utility that is eminent.

  • just going to add my 2 cents here...

    I work in a professionally sound-proofed studio in downtown chicago, I just purchased the new edition 128 after owning multiple other editions. I am familiar working in multiple environments across various monome editions (pre & post the 1.2k 'problem').

    If you are worried about it being the 1.2k buzz being too loud, its VERY likely you won't even notice it and is negligible. The new grid is a masterpiece, don't let the 1.2k deter you from purchasing. Again, just my 2 cents though.

  • Hi, I am back here to tell you all that I noticed this noise while testing my new device in a very quiet context, and I was just wondering if this was normal or not (because I am a bit paranoiac). Although I would be very sensitive to this kind of thing, I never came to think it is an issue for me. As tehn said, it is hardly/not noticeable in normal use. No need to send it back or modify anything, I agree with PabsArg, don't worry, this device is beautiful.