new commission for hardware- modular modules + arduino?

  • hello all! i'm looking to hire someone to build me something which i don't know if its possible or not. i'd like to have some sort of box built, which will interface my monome with this device here:

    ideally, it would be a box which housed and powered a white whale, earthsea, and meadowphysics module which could speak to the triad. i have no idea about modular synths, control voltage, programming, etc. i did recently see the thread ( which noted arduino + grid connection and libraries. don't know if this might also be a solution to this box interface.

    the functionality i want is to be able to play the triad with my monome, in some sort of predetermined behavior such that the monome modular modules offer. if anyone is interested to tackle this challenge please let me know, i have a small budget for a new theatrical production which can cover the cost of this new construction...

  • Your best bet might be looking at some of the existing monome modules and seeing if they can control the folktek thing in a manner you want OR looking at some of the expert-sleepers stuff ( and using the monome + a DC coupled soundcard (MOTU/RME), and controlling it directly from the computer.

    The former solution would work quickly and out of the box, the latter would be pretty expandable.

  • The monome modules and mixer/offset/attenuator modules will get you there with some banana > 1/8 cables. Probably.