serialosc bpatcher vs. umenu problem...

  • I just made my way through the excellent grid studies tutorial for Max, and it was really well put together and very enjoyable - but I have one nagging problem.

    Whenever I open serialosc, I get the older style light grey bpatcher - not the slick new umenu style one. When I try to open a new serialosc bpatcher in the example .maxpats, it opens as the dark grey umenu - but when I recreated everything in a new patcher, I could only get the old menu.

    It's really not an issue, and everything did work, but I wanted to make everything look as close to the examples in the tutorial as possible. And, let's face it, the umenu looks great with Max 7's aesthetic and I want everything to look nice and sleek. What am I doing wrong?

  • the new one (shown in the tutorials) is bundled with the new version of max 7, which should be released any day now. sorry for the confusion!

  • Whew! Alright. I felt like I was losing my mind. Thanks!

  • I've just been struggling with the same thing. Couldn't get my head round why when I did the same thing (creating the bpatcher and pointing it at serialosc) in a new file and in the code examples, I got a different result - i.e. old vs. new style bpatcher.

    Glad to have found a solution. My next problem though, is I'm not sure how to interpret the solution. Am I correct in thinking I want to download the new serialosc.maxpat and overwrite the old one in Applications/Max/Contents/Resources/C74/packages/Beap/patchers/ ?

    EDIT - just tried this and it *seems* to have done the trick. Do let me know if it was a Really Bad Idea™ though!

    MORE EDIT - Nah, that didn't work at all. What gives?

  • replacing the file inside at that stated location is perfect, though note you'll need to copy the 'serialosc.js' as well as the .maxpat -- easiest is simply to drop the whole zip from github in this location.

    secondly you need to make sure max doesn't have conflicting copies of the file in the searchpath (ie. in the folder from which you're opening your patch)

  • Cheers, galapagoose. That did the trick!

  • is there a new method for setting rotation w/ this serialosc?

  • I may have answered my own question by peaking around inside github. rotation in next revision?

  • yes - rotation is coming back, but it won't be inside the bpatcher (because 99% of users set it once then never touch again)