Monome Base 4.5 - _vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat

  • Hi all,

    I could not find a way to connect "_vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat" in Max 7 and a Monome 128. I cannot set any prefix in the lower part of the "_vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat" I have serialosc corectly installed, and a version of monomebridge.maxpat, in which i cannot set the prefix correctly either.

    Anyway, whats the correct prefix for "_vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat"?

    On top of that, will i have to shift the rows in the patch somehow, as I have a 128 and not a 256 Monome?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Just to clarify: The end goal is to have a Spectrum Analyzer which works on my Monome 128. I will take an audio input and the patch analyses it, and displays the spectrum on 8x16 dots. If there are other ways to achieve this, feel free to propose... :)

  • vu_spec_dual is set up for 128 by default. 256 mode ('dual' in the vu panel) is broken and doesn't work in monome base 4.5.

    at least that's my experience.

  • u could also check out the 'spectronome' app. it has a spectroscope and sonogram.

  • HI Elquinto, thanks for your answers. I cannot find vu_spec_dual in the downloaded folder which contains the vu spec 256. Are you sure its spelled like this? Why would I need Monome Base at all? Cant I just use the patch on its own? With vu spec and spectronome, i cannot get the correct prefix, i think this is the main problem. Where can this prefix be set?

  • i meant the one you're referring to. was just saying it worked fine with in the monomeserial version, but the updated one from monome base 4.5 is broken on 256. these apps haven't been updated for max 7 so you'll need to change the serialosc patcher's offsets to 0. 0. i'm assuming that's you're problem.

  • Hi Elquinto, thanks! Can you quickly elaborate how to change the serialosc patcher's offsets to 0. 0 ?

  • spectronome has been updated for max 7,

    i already fixed vu_spec to work on my 256, and it has the correct offsets, so i attached it for u. select 'dual' for 128

  • Hi Elquinto, that works, thanks a lot!!