mext questions (with update)

  • I have some questions for sending valid serial responses in the mext protocol ( to a serialosc service

    Do any of the m64-xxxx, m128-xxx or m256-xxx devices communicate via mext or only the extended device ID mxxxxxxx?

    What are typical device descriptions? It looks like the first 7 characters are "monome".

    Do monome devices output device IDs and descriptions in Unicode or ASCII? seems to say Unicode.

    UPDATE: The arduino studies code checks for device type via the FTDI data returned. It looks like the FTDI is programmed to have the device info instead of the device information being polled as in mext. So if the device is say an Arduino Leonardo acting as a serial device, the "FTDI" return will be "Arduino LLC", "Arduino Leonardo" and a bodus serial number which the parser hates.

    The goal is to identify my test key grid as an 8x8 although I'm trying to keep it flexible enough for 16x8.

    monome_sum does not recognize my grid

    Code and notes on github at (open source)