saving in sum

  • Sorry to start a new discussion for this but I tried searching for sum and couldn't find the thread, there must be one right? Anyways, sum rules! Feels like a deep instrument that can totally sound different for different users (I remember reading an interview with Stretta a few years back where I think the jist was that he was a bit dissatisfied with the way that apps like polygome always sound like polygome, like his creation and couldn't take on different enough guises for different users). Saying that, I've been editing the drum rack quite heavily and I'm trying to save it, 'save as' doesn't seem to work and while 'save' does and lets me make a json file, when I go to open it I get no response, everything stays the same. I've openend the json file in text edit and there's defo all the settings in there. Any ideas? I'd love to be able to spend a good few evenings getting it all exactly how I like and be able to recall it. Thanks. HN

  • I get this exactly the same - tried loads of max runtime versions and nada.

  • Same deal. Last time I performed using my Sum patch, I just had to leave it open and shut my laptop.

  • it's on my list! should get to this in the next ~2 days

  • Amazing stuff. Thanks mate!

  • Excellent news.
    Just getting back into sum as well after buying one of the new 128s. Having an additional problem besides saving now. Pressing the top right button on the grid does not let me switch between patches. Using serialosc from december 2014? Would appreciate any insights into this.

  • @galapagoose THANK YOU.

    I'm super excited to share the sum-only pieces I recorded for my new release. I've never written music like I have in this app. Can't stress how amazing it is.

  • I love sum. It got me back into monome stuff after everything else monome quit working on my system.

    I have to admit i've often rued the inability to save changes. It would be wonderful to be able to do so rather than just a waste of time spent tweaking. Not to be a critic, but if there is a weakness from monome (imho) it's in a lack of follow up on promised stuff. If they had actually come out with the promised graphical interface for the aleph, i think they could have sold a million of em. Sorry, end of rant.

    Looking forward to the update and thanks!

  • A few highly motivated, optimistic and aspiration individuals with too much on their plates.

    Has Monome ever done a Hackathon to distribute work to able people within the community? I'm no programmer myself, but I've seen that kinda thing work really well in a load of different settings.

  • for all your saving glory:

    previously saved preset files should (?) load properly, though note that preset #1 was not being saved properly, so that will just be a default setting.

    there's a few small improvements on CPU usage & js throttling to attempt to keep things more responsive though they are slight, and there's still js throughput issues which probably can't be avoided in Max.

    please ignore all the 160bpm trax i've been making...

  • Yay! And thanks for all your hard work!

  • YES!


  • AND added rewire support?!

    You sexy mofo.

  • Thanks so much galapagoose, this makes sum much more useable for me. And we can now swap patches!

  • Nice! Hadn't thought of sharing patches! Right - next video: Sum and shared patch.