which serial osc?

  • I have many versions of serial osc maxpatch, and none of them seem to work for me at the moment. It's driving me crazy. when I get info the 'latest version' from github it tells me it was created 16 may 2014, then I have a version (can't even remember where I got that) which says it was created 9 Jan 2015, I have other versions and now they're all over the place as I've been trying different versions in different max runtime folders trying to get them to work. I'm using max runtime version 6.1.9 and I want to be able to open the max patch, rotate my monome for polygome (because as far as I know you can't do this in gome itself and that renders half my 128 useless). Thing is, the one which was created in 2014 recognises my grid, the newer one doesn't, and neither of them have a place to rotate (is this even the right place to do this). Please put me out of my misery and shed some light on this stuff. Thanks. HN

  • Ok so the latest one is from the customise page, the older one from github which says it's the latest version (just incase that's useful for anyone), both of them are blank for me apart from a place to connect grid on the upper left, older one recognises, newer one doesn't.

  • Cleared all the serial osc max patch files and used one that elquinto posted, it now recognises the grid and leaves the serialosc box there so I can rotate. Just in case it helps, it was the 7 december 2014 version!