Arc4 not working with Mlrv

  • Hello,

    I have an Arc4 and it´s not working with mlrv, working good with other pattches and Max 7.

    I do this, but nothing, not control.

    first enter 'mapping mode' in the mapping tab,
    -then click the parameter you want to control
    -then hit 'MAP' in the +ARC tab corresponding to which encoder you want to map to

    note there are '4' mapping destinations.
    - 1st and 3rd are the first 2 encoders on your device
    - 2nd and 4th are 'shift' versions > access these by pushing an older arc, or map a monome button / midi trigger to the 'shift' button.

    Any help? thanx

  • can you see the arc displaying position information, but there's no mapping happening? just trying to figure out which step things aren't working at.

    which version of mlrv?
    which OS are you running?

  • Hi,

    yes, i can see arc displaying but no mapping happening.

    Version - mlrv2.3004
    Osx 10.10.2