How to record Monome Sum into Ableton Live?

  • Hi - I am new to Monome so might be a silly question... How can I record Monome Sum into Abelton Live in a similar way as I do using mlrv2.5 and rewire? Anyone? Thanks!

  • probably not the answer you're looking for, but if u have m4l, u could try using the (unofficial) m4l version.

  • Thanks @elquinto - I already got m4l .... I am looking for a way to use Sum standalone and record it into Ableton using rewire or similar...would be super grateful if someone got a way! Anyone know why this is not programmed into Sum from the start?

  • I could never get max and live rewired in a way that worked for me either. I'm also on Windows, so Soundflower is out, and Jack was way over my head at the time.

    Not sure if it helps your setup or not, but I used to trick the Party Van into Ableton and it worked out great. My soundcard has aux outs 3 and 4 on the back, so I set those as for main outputs in max audio setup and then used patch cords out into front inputs 1 and 2 which I then picked up in Live. Then main out from live to main outs on the interface and all good!

    And actually, if you sacrifice stereo, you can run out 3 into 3in and out 4 into 4in and then you can send audio from Ableton to max, and then bring it back in after.

  • if you're on osx, there's always my old fav: