WTB: Sound Libraries for Alchemy (Camel Audio)

  • Hi,

    As I saw some Camel Audio discussion here before, thought I'd post this on the monome forum.

    As the title hints at, I'm looking to buy some sound libraries for Alchemy. :-) Specifically, I'm after these ones:
    'Electronic Bass'
    'Minimal Techno'
    'Ian Boddy: Analogica'

    Anybody looking to sell their C.A. stuff now it's unsupported/ discontinued? Let me know if so!

  • Not a bump.. Just to say/add: You don't have to have them all to sell/ I don't have to buy them all at once. If you even have just one, do say!
    Library license transfers are free as well.

    I'd really just like to pick up the ones I didn't grab before Camel closed up shop.. In particular the Iceland (Deru) and Ian Boddy ones, to see how they crafted their patches!


    P.S. Can anybody reading this think of any other forums I could post this WTB on (somewhere I might have better luck!)?

  • Did you post on KVR?

  • Yes I did post this on KVR. Sorry.. should probably have said that! Thanks anyway.
    I was gonna post this on the Ableton forum, but it seems you now have to be a registered user to even use that forum (I'm using Logic at the moment). Any registered users out there that could post this WTB there? Maybe that's too much to ask? Dunno?! Only other place I can imagine having any luck right now (the Gearslutz forum seems mainly hardware).