FS: Walnut 64 in mint condition on ebay

  • Hey guys,
    I set the opening bid to $100. The 1K 'buy it now' price is a joke but feel free to pay it...Monome is located in Canada. Here's the write-up and link from the ebay listing:

    "For Sale: used monome sixty four 64 (walnut edition) in mint condition. Very rarely used, mostly kept in storage, never gigged with, and a total of only a few hours use. Always covered to prevent any dust buildup. Fall (November) edition 2008. Cable included.

    I’m also shipping this item with a carrying case made out of a makeup box and foam. It fits the monome perfectly and would come in handy if you travel a lot. And this item will also ship with a homemade wood stand that I made a long time ago. The wood stand is an extra bonus and the buyer will not be refunded any money if it doesn’t survive shipping. Returns will only be accepted on the monome if it's proven defective or damaged during shipping."