monome internal cable

  • I disassembled my 256 (serial number 050) this evening to clean the pads and plate - it was getting a bit gritty from my cat sitting on it. Well I got it back together again, but those flat cables are extremely fiddly and since I will probably have to take it apart again to adjust the pads which are gripping slightly on one side (I know, I should have left it alone) I'm thinking of maybe replacing the cables with longer ones which are easier to handle. So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what these cables are? I can't find them anywhere, but then I don't know much about electronics. Thanks.

  • Had to stare at the photos of the 256 disassembly guide for a while. You just want a 12 pin ribbon cable. Not sure on the pitch (the distance between each of the metal connectors) either measure it or wait for tehn to answer, but something like this is what you're looking for

    You'll probably also want to measure how long your cables are now to make sure you purchase longer ones...

  • Thanks! I'll see about measuring them or wait for tehn to chip in.

  • this doesn't answer your question, but often the best way to clean the pads is just compressed air while everything is still assembled. it takes 1/10th of the time and doesn't disturb the cables.

    if the 'sticking' of keys is mild, a light coating of talcum powder over the top plate while everything is assembled, then blown off w compressed air again will solve it.

    basically you shouldn't need to disassemble the faceplate unless you're replacing the keypads, or spilt a whole beer on it.. hah

  • Yeah well...

  • He's a euro rack guy. They live for taking their kit apart every few months ;)

  • it's therapeutic...

  • Haha - I was, not any more. But, I am afflicted by curiosity. Which is not always a good thing.

    Anyway, it's all working again now - not very differently from before... so I guess I got off lightly in the end ;-) Although it's a lot cleaner. I also took the opportunity to oil the wood which was very thirsty and now looks a lot better.

    Have to say that I really appreciate the minimal and elegant design of the whole device. Just beautiful.

  • Well my last post on the old forum I do declare. I just swapped out the old pads (from 2008 I suppose) for the new/latest ones and the difference in response and reliability is astounding. It's like a whole new instrument. I recommend anyone who is experiencing unresponsive pads do the same. A (very light) dusting of talc and I can draw patterns by running one finger over the surface. Incredible. Hard to believe it's the same device. It's not super cheap, but way worth it. I think I only now really appreciate what monome can be about. Thanks Brian for the incredible device and the new pads.

  • glad it's working well. we've been refining the design over the years and they're quite good now. i wish we could offer them cheaper-- they are very expensive to make. but i do keep extra stock around for those looking to swap out. e-mail if interested.