arc split

  • i'm gonna think out loud for the next few days while i improve my bees please bear with me

    can the output of the ARC op be separated?
    initially i didnt think so but i might just need to set up conditional logic to scan the NUM output and route the resulting value

    is that true?
    has anybody else tried a patch that allows for simultaneous decoupled control of each encoder?

  • as arc is an op, i would say that you can put any op after the num value
    (i didn't try it)

  • Yeah use the ROUTE op with the index selected by NUM, then the VAL will be sent to the appropriate out

  • ah

    trying that now

  • well route isn't exactly what i needed (unless I'm misunderstanding something)

    i got something usable but clumsy by sending NUM to Y and having IS figure out which encoder i tweaked

    problem with the patch is that nothing can be simultaneously output from each

    plus i have to alternate in order to give the IS op values to compare

    back to brainstorming a better solution

  • pretty sure ROUTE is what you want. send ARC/NUM to ROUTE/TO, and ARC/VAL to ROUTE/VAL. then each encoder's VAL will be sent to ROUTE/O0..O3 according to which encoder is turned.

    your IS idea will work, you just need to have 4 copies, 1 for each encoder!