waiting for DSP init...

  • i've been having problems lately w/ loading a blank bees slate (via power-on holding sw2): aleph gets stuck on "waiting for DSP init..."

    i have to erase and re-load the sd card before it works again

    thoughts on what's going on?

  • this is from the bees startup routine:

    //// startup using default DSP name

    render_boot("waiting for DSP init...");

    looks like it is trying to load a module based on what is written in the string DEFAULT_LDR, so it could be several things, the string could hold a path to an ldr file but this file does not exist on the card. an idea would be to add a line of code that prints this string in debug mode to find out more, something like:


  • is it guaranteed or sporadic? still seem to be having card corruption issues.

  • i've had this issue
    and i've kept re-installing
    so far it's ok. i guess it's sd card related...

  • @tehn guaranteed for the last week or so (but haven't been doing programming for a while, so maybe longer)

    no problems loading default scene or other scenes or anything else

  • there was some perhaps unwise reshuffling of default .ldr names in the 0.6 update. try making a copy of aleph-waves.ldr and renaming it to just "waves.ldr"

  • hmm. just purchased an aleph and it seems to hang loading scenes ~40-50% of the time. The point of the hang seems somewhat random. A few times it was around a "waiting for DSP", others it was "sending param values", but the most common is for it to return to the edit page with "done reading" at the top of the screen and hang (forcing me to pull the power cord).

    I've erased and re-populated the sd card mulitple times... but the behavior persists.

    Strangely the hang on scene load usually only happens on the second or third load. The first is generally fine.

    Is this an SD card thing? (bad card?) or does it sound like some other bug?

  • one thing that could be worth checking is the module file names, they should be "aleph-lines" + extensions, or there will be trouble.

  • is this on bees 0.6.0? we'll put together a fixed release out with correct fileneames.

  • Yes this is on bees 0.6.0. I did try duplicating the aleph-waves,lines,drum.ldr files (minus the aleph prefix) and that might have improved things.

    Interestingly if I consistently cleared the existing scene before I loaded a new one the loading was much more reliable, maybe one hang in ~10 recalls.

  • "there was some perhaps unwise reshuffling of default .ldr names in the 0.6 update. try making a copy of aleph-waves.ldr and renaming it to just 'waves.ldr'"

    I tried this and it made all the parameters vanish, but maybe I did it wrong (more things to rename?)

  • had a look in github, default in bees is defined to waves.ldr, the waves module is named as aleph-waves and lines is aleph-lines. if module name and file name need to match, and bees is looking for something called waves.ldr... I spell trouble! :)