MLRV 2.4: Preset loads wrong samples

  • Hi,

    I'm using MLRV 2.4 with a monome 128, Max RT 7 (32 Bit) on a Windows 8.1 system.

    When I load a preset (e.g. songname.json) that contains ~120 samples in total, the filename of the sample is being loaded correctly, but when I play the sample, another random sample will be played. When I do this with a single sample in a new preset it works fine:

    1. Start MLRV

    2. Drag & Drop Sample into the first row.

    3. Press Save as and save the preset as "test.json"

    4. Quit MLRV

    5. Start MLRV

    6. Load the preset "test.json"

    -> Correct sample has been loaded.

    7. Start sample -> correct sample is being played -> OK


    If I load the preset "testFinal.json" that contains the list of the ~120 samples and start a sample, the wrong sample is being played.

    Btw: is there a way to edit the sample list in a preset? See attached Screenshot.

    1366 x 722 - 160K