Old 64 grid no response from monome_sum

  • Hello! I purchase a kit for a build-your-own 64-monome years ago but am just now getting into trying to use it (long story). I did, however, build the device early on and was able to connect it for a short period during my testing of the device...I don't really recall all that much to be honest.

    The short of it is that the drivers all installed correctly, but monome_sum does not seem to recognize that the device is plugged in. When I plug in the device, some lights come on and then blink brightly for a second...but then nothing. In fact, there is no animation of lights like you see in the wonderful animated image on the monome getting started guide. I am having a bit of a time trying to figure out what the issue could be as to why the software doesn't recognize that the device is plugged in. Device manager shows that some generic drivers are active with the device plugged in but that is about all I get.

    Is this device old enough that it may need a firmware update? Am I missing something with the software / drivers?


    Thanks for any help with this!

  • Stupidity on my part...I got it working. Thanks! Now just to find the best way to get this working inside my DAW. Lots of reading to do! Cheers!