• this thing is -awesome-:


    i had a need for a vst plugin that would allow me to do OSC (of course, for the monome) and construct raw sysex messages (to interface w/ machinedrum). reaktor doesn't support sysex at all (afaik), and OSC doesn't work in plug-in mode (major bummer). max/msp could probably suite my needs w/ pluggo, but i come from a traditional programming background and the wired up modular environments were always a bit of a challenge for me to wrap my head around.

    i stumbled upon this vstlua project yesterday and was blown away. it's basically a vst plugin with a built in scripting language that lets you write your own scripts. the lua language isn't bad--it's kind of like a mix between php/python/perl/C i suppose? if you're familiar with any of those languages then it should be pretty straightforward.

    this doesn't appear to be a brand new project, but i certainly had never heard of it. seems to be an early beta and is totally open source too, so that's pretty neat. i was able to go from zero knowledge of the plugin or the language (lua) to a nice monome sequencer app with patterns, banks, copy/paste, etc in about 3 hours. i have a few more ideas planned for this weekend--will upload scripts when it's ready.

    windows only for the time being (maybe forever? don't see any plans for an osx/etc version).

    anyways, worth checking out for fellow windows users.

  • sounds lke it's WAYYYYY beyond me skills, but I wouldn't mind using what you make :)

  • i'll definitely upload what i come up with. the sequencer is really nice, but i want to add more to it, and maybe try to break it up into components. if i get really motivated i might add basic monome building blocks or whatever. we'll see.

    vstlua comes with a few great example scripts that really got me going on it quickly, so if you've ever done any programming, i'd say it's worth a look. don't discount your skills just yet--lua really makes it high enough level that you aren't pulling out your hair as to why the 3rd byte is coming in null, etc. most of the stuff i tried 'just worked' without a lot of messing around.

  • just a quick follow up. OSC support seems very unstable in vstlua, so it's probably not going to be a good solution for the monome community. other aspects of it seem pretty solid though (midi for example). i tried debugging it but haven't had much success yet, if i do get it working i'll post a working version up somewhere. probably won't though because i've decided to go with pure java after evaluating a bunch of environments and finding them all lacking in some way for what i want to do.