Monome Users in Japan

  • Hi all,

    I'm moving to Japan in Oktober and I'll be staying there for quite a while (some months). Coming from Austria I'll ship over with a little gear (monome included) maybe. So i wondered if there are any monome users from japan are present in these forums.

    Say hello boys and girls! :)


  • Hi,
    just got the 40h kit though taking my time to put it together.
    Where about Japan are you heading?

    I am based in Tokyo, if you are around the area give me a shout.

  • friend of mine just went to tokio for a year. he built a kit some time ago. don't know if he's got it with him, but guess so.

    his blog (in german)

    he's also in this community
    i'll make him aware of this post. :)

  • Hi there,

    @bastian: I'll come to tokyo at the 22nd of october and will stay there a minimum of 3 months having my 128 with me. Would you drop me your email to: stefan(bot)eipeltauer(aight)cycomsplat(bot)com maybe we can meetup there.

    @stigi: Thanx for linking me up. Nice though i speak german too and his blog with entries about The Bug parties is really nice to read. To bad i can't get the email out of the contact info of his blog, please send him mine.

    Thank you guys,

  • hi there,

    yes i am in tokyo right now, got my monome with me :)

    let me know when you arrive here, maybe we could meet up and jam arround...

    what you gonna do in japan?

    @ bastian, wherein tokyo do you live? maybe you`re also interested...

    thanks stigi :)

  • i feel good karma surrounding me :)

  • Any folks based around akita? Let's rock! Will be in tokyo soon but not for so long.

  • Hi people,

    @vegan cannibal: I'll take a timeout and have a look at the land, people and good soups. Maybe do some web projects. Drop me your mail to (stefan(bot)eipeltauer(aight)cycomsplat(bot)com), so i'm able to contact you in october.

    @stigi: Definitly rising up. You gotta be born in the next evolutional step, the 256 finger human (monohuman) in the forthcoming epoch of the world.

    @jacobian: Drop me your mail too. Are you in Akita city or do you stay countryside in the prefecture ?

    Greetz to all (love getting involved),

  • @vegan cannibal: I live in Shirogane (Minato-ku), around Hiroo station. Doitsu jin desu. (Ware schone mal hier in Tokyo etwas deutsch zu reden!).

    @phreak: will drop you a mail this week, havent followed this thread for a while and got caught up at work. put most of the monome together last we but am still deciding on some leds.

    Cheers guys.

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm going to japan next saturday, and just guess maybe you (monomans) can recomend me something interesting.
    I think i will bring my 128 with me to get a gig, maybe in a friend's of a friend bar.

  • Hey all,

    I'm still plooking for a place to stay for a minimum of 6th months. I'd like to avoid Sakura Houses, so if someone has a connection to a person who has a room for me (student, etc.), please contact me. I'm able to pay a price thats suited to tokyo.

    By the way: Does someone know a nice location/club were (experimental) electronic music people play and meet ?

    @pauk and all: Would be nice if we could meet around this thread here, i'll return here when i'm in tokyo.



    is a good place to start. i dont know your budget, but i assume you have some dough or you wouldnt be able to spend 6 months in tokyo.

    any place that puts you with 30-50 minutes of the main hubs (shinjuku, ueno, shibuya) is ideal. the trains are timely and you can set your cellphone alarm to go off just before your stop so you dont sleep through your station after a night of hard partying.

    yoyogi, yokohama, machida, nakano, etc are places that are a little ways out, but may offer a more affordable rate. i dont know anything about the chiba side of tokyo.

    if you speak just a little japanese, i'd arrange a place at sakura for a couple of weeks just so you have a place to crash when you arrive and then hit the bricks looking for a cheap place that allows for "choki taizai" (long term stay). a lot of the cheap places dont have a web page so you either have to call or just show up and inquire.

    even better is to find the rare remaining place that has a shared toilet, but neighborhood access to a sento (bath house). this is the cheapest way to go, but not always convenient, especially the morning after a good night out. head to the old neighborhoods like nakameguro for that.

    as far as clubs, i'd try places like daikanyama, meguro/naka-meguro, shimo-kitazawa, etc. they have small clubs/bars and coffee shops that would be suitable. Places like Roppongi are too "super-club". that is fine if you want acid house big beat hip hop. Shibuya is a cool place, but a mixed bag as far as clubs go. if you can, head to a japanese social networking site like and find a group that has an interest in electronic music. the japanese are very "club based" in that they join a circle of like-minded people and hang out that way.

    getting a gig in japan can be pretty expensive unless you know someone or meet an eager venue owner who would like to have a foreigner play at his place.

    generally, clubs work on the principle called "noruma."
    imagine a place that holds 100 people. the person who runs that club will then expect you to purchase 50-75 tickets yourself (which you then hawk). these tickets run about 20-30 dollars each for a respectable small club. the club keeps that money and you get a cut of every ticket sold above that first number you purchased. it can get pricey. ive done this myself, but i have also been given the "pity the foreigner" slot, piggybacking with bigger artists for free (but no cut). also, lots of bars have tables for DJs, i'd try and look for that kind of place and play there.

    perhaps you can head down to shonan beach area (between enoshima and kamakura) and try one of the surf clubs (look for the tiki torches). they people there are laid back and they might be amenable to you playing a set on a night the regular DJ is not it. the only drawback is that shonan girls have leathery skin from all the sun and salt water.

    stephen, did i leave anything out?


  • Check it. Free places to stay pretty much anywhere in the world. Peoples houses.

    japan page ^

    great way to meet people...

  • yeah, everyone must be drinking to stay in gas panic, but who'd want to be in gas panic sober (if at all). avoid. unless you want to get tazered by a doorman.

    what justin (gunboat) said, pretty much airtight. like anywhere, you get a lot more for your yen if you head out of the city - don't feel you need to live in hiroo or ikebukuro to be where it's at. unlike other cities, the trains are so good that being a way out isn't an issue. i like the trains.

    to add to justin's list - look at kichijoji as well. very cool area, lots of tiny bars, prolly somewhere you could play.

  • Hi folks,

    Sorry for my late return but i was in charge of several projects so i can afford my stay in Japan. ;)

    Gunboat d, thank you for your detailed information and insights on Tokyo. This is the kind of information i was looking for. For the first month i've found a place to stay with a fellow countryman (or better woman) who lives in Tokyo for over 30 years. That'll be a good place to start looking for accomodation. I'm full of anticipation and can't await to go there. Thanx again for your help.

    Thanx veiss for the link, i know that page and will check it if i can't find any other possibilities (that's cause i learned to love, just to manage my own stuff). ;)

    @stephen: Never heard of kichijoji. Thanx for pointing me towards that.


  • have a good trip. i'll be there in december for about 10 days. maybe i can squeeze in some music time while i'm there.

    Stephen, I'll meet you at the tahara before our triple latte freshness run.

  • yeah, then we can head down to hisamido and tachiyomi men's egg or something. happy days.

    phreak - have a good time man. i envy you bigtime. keep us posted.

  • @gunboat and stephen: what are you up to in japan/tokio? sorry if i missed it in above paragraphs but you seem to know a little about it. do you have undertakings on a regular basis there? what kind of?

  • we used to play in a band together there. sadly, those days are gone. gunboat visits quite often, i have no money.

  • Hi all, i finally landed here. I'm tired but fine and my equipment seems to be alive. I'll head now for the city having a look and recording stuff with my olympus ls-10. If someone would like to meet me for a coffee or a concert contact me via email, as i have no pepaid mobile phone yet: stefan(bot)eipeltauer(aight)cycomsplat(bot)com or via skype: kid-ibesz

    nice greetz.

  • Okairi nasai, phreak kun.

    You should check out big five (or something like that) if your in the tokyo area. They're located right across from harajuku station and sell nothing but old analog gear, and new badass things like elektron and newer modular systems. Totally worth the trip, plus you can play with everything in the store.

    Have fun.

  • I'll be at the upcoming Laptop Battle Vol. 4 on Thursday 6 in November. It starts at 7 pm at club Super Deluxe in Roppongi. So if someone else of the monome community is attending this event give me a shout.

    Maybe i'll head for the Robot and Proud concert Tower Shinjuku, Thu 30 Oct - 8 PM too. Liem did nice when he placed lots of machines around him years i ago i saw him.

    Thanx for the big five tipp jacobian, i'll go for it.

  • hi guys, sorry i did not look at this threat for ages. so sorry bastian i just didn't read your comment. i'm in kyoto this month and will be bak in tokyo in dezember. so i hope to meet you then... yesterday i met phreak - we got the idea to have a little jam when i'm back so youre invited to join. did you build your kit right now?