Apps for two 40h

  • Is there any apps that utilize two 40hs for 16 step fun? I noticed MLR expands to utilize 16 steps. what else can use two 40h mapped together? Or has anyone been able to use to different apps with two 40h? Looking forward to the 256 and even more so for the 128!

  • mlr is fun at 16 across, although I think my ideal version would be 8 steps across and 16 rows down (14 or 15 sample bays). I've cooled on thoughts of hacking it, with the imminence of mlr3 though. I did do a quick hack to skr to run across two 40hs. And have recently been playing around with a two 40h/two app setup using modded versions of skr and Matthew Davidson's fourths. I've got a video up on YouTube, but in that example the second 40h is really only acting as a display.

  • There is a better version of fourths avaialble called mabalhabla.
    More scales/pitch arrangements and monomeserial support.

  • Hey Bean you from RISD? I recognized that name on your profile. I graduated in 2002 from RISD F/A/V. Any chance you can post up that hacked skr app? Don't think I've tried that one yet. I think the 256 should allow for more then 4 consecutive loops in mlr. 14-15 banks would be nuts but easy to create Steve Reich style phasing. Could be interesting. I'm still learning to setup a couple of the apps I think I've got mlr down and flin. Next I want to try Monochrome VST to sequence my analog synths and setting up Abelton Live with a 40h.

    I guess running two apps and two 40hs would require some coding-fu

  • we have a bunch of apps being adapted for larger matrices which will work for all new sizes plus combinations (two 40h's etc). i'll be posting them up soon with better docs.

  • i have sortof figured out how to hack 64step to work on two 40h's but i haven't been able to stabilize it. despite saving the patch, i still have to go into max and change a bunch of stuff to get it to work.

  • @stretta: Here is where I admit my relative ignorance as regards to traditional music theory. (Although I have been looking into maybe taking some 101-level continuing ed classes.) I like the idea of more presets, but their significance is somewhat lost on me beyond a gut reaction to how they sound, and I have sort of gotten used to how things sound in the fourths patch.

    @c1t1zen: Yes, in fact I am the very same Bean from RISD. I was a transfer student, so only ever had a handful of friends outside of the architecture department, but know a few kids from FAV '02.

    I've attached the hacked skr. No exciting features beyond the original except that it extends the grid to 16x8 horizontal. (And probably not in the most efficient manner.) Drop the file (after unzipping) into the same directory as the skr patch, as it needs the _bit.mxb to run.

    Running two separate apps, as opposed to two Max patches, does require something or another of a slightly fancy nature. MonomeSerial attaches all devices to the same port which can only be bound to one application. You could, however, write a simple little Max patch that would forward all data with a specific prefix to a different port, so as to connect another app to the second 40h.

  • Yeah this 128 skr is pretty fun. Going with that idea of two patches but different prefixes worked. I had one monome running 64Step with the /box prefix and the other playing the original skr with /skr prefix. No need to worry about columns or row changes it just passes the right info through and no real lag added.
    Thanks for the tip!